Battered Woman Syndrome

I have yet to leave law school.  Several attempts and I have yet to make it;  but with nearly 200k worth of student loans ahead of me, I think this time it’s real.  If I leave now it would only be 50K, which would suck as a loss but would not be undoable.

Before I started, I contemplated just taking the loan money and running.  I had just moved into a new apartment in Queens; the loan money would have held me over for at least six months until I found a job.  I could have just never showed up.  I could have gotten my money back.  Nah, I actually somewhat enjoyed my first  semester.  And I did meet some really amazingly smart individuals, too bad their putting all that intellect to law school.

I remember when I first started law school.  It was a whirlwind of excitement.  Here I was, part of this elite class of people.  We were told that this would be the most exciting intellectual experience we would ever encounter.  That the sky was the limit.   I got to walk around like I was the shit or rather the B-O-S-S.  Shamefully, I had a sort of cavalier attitude that said, “That’s right bitch, I’m a law student and I’m the shit.”   It didn’t last too long.

By the end of 1st semester, I was done.  I hated law.  Especially Legal Research and Writing.  Horrible class.  And that was the one class that was somewhat useful.   I actually learned how to write as a lawyer, too bad legal writing is completely devoid of any creativity.  It was the most mathematical writing I ever encountered. uggghhhhh!  That’s one thing I will not miss about quiting.

And then I got my grades. (Don Don Don)  Yep bottom 10%.  lucky me.  I really could not figure out what went wrong.  I should have quit then.  But they know how hard it is for type A personalities to admit defeat.  That’s why they make you face the Dean of Students and tell them you want to quit.  They’ll shake their heads at you and say, “Are you sure?”  AKA:  You can’t come back.  I sat in the Registrars office and guess what they had as a sign:  “Quitting is Forever.”  Those sons of bitches really know how to guilt you.  I made all my friends at this point anyway
 I got sucked back in.  This time however, I am not paying my bill.  Let them try to suck me back with no dinero.

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Law student dropout: Enough said
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