Why Can’t I Spell Dropout?

Sorry my brain is fried. I didn’t realize that I misspelled it until it was too late. It doesn’t help that legal concepts are clouding my mind so that I now find it hard to do even the simplest tasks. I decided to keep it as my domain mainly because it’s quaint. It also shows how muddled my mind is from all this shit.

I have an analogy for you. Law School is like getting married. It’s expensive, it’s a life commitment, and it’s exciting but sure to get dull over time. Like that one, huh? I think it’s true. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people like me, that signed up for hell because they weren’t sure what they would do but thought they could figure it out later. After all, there are plenty of things to do in law. Lawyers are always needed. Actually, that’s a completely flawed way of thinking. Doctor’s are always needed, not so much lawyers. I would have been better off figuring out my life as an administrative assistant rather than spend 30K in order to learn that law is not for me. The reason I stayed so long is that I also liked the prestige of saying I was a law student. It was basically like saying, “Haha stupid, you couldn’t make it this far.”

I know there are people that want to be here. Every night they feel like there is this duty to read the cases, that there is a true meaning in the law that calls them to think up hypotheticals to ask the professor. Kudos to them, those are the people that deserve to be in law school with full scholarship. But that’s not me. Unfortunately, for my parents. I kinda want to be young. I’m 22, never had a real job, and am wasting my youth on a subject that really doesn’t fancy my interests. Maybe quitting will be the best thing I ever did, maybe the worst, I guess I’ll find out and you’ll know as I blog along about it. 🙂

I’m actually really excited to leave law school behind. But I am also melancholy. I was studying with my study group yesterday for eight hours and I really love every single one of them. They’re very special to me. And it will suck to leave them but I have this strange feeling that we won’t be the same study group next year. It’s hard enough to schedule our time together as 1L’s, I can hardly imagine it working out next semester when we’re all supposed to have joined a journal, the moot court or a clinic. And I really can’t commit my life to a profession just because I love my study group. That’s not practical either.

On the other hand, the job search is going horrendously. I don’t have any useful experience in much of anything. So I’m basically just applying for entry level management positions or administrative positions. I mean, I’ve only applied for one week, but I’m so impatient. Definitely one of my worst qualities. I don’t expect to hear form anyone for at least two weeks.

Well wish me luck. Because who knows where I’ll end up.


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Law student dropout: Enough said
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