This is pathetic and miserable. Why are people allowed to put themselves in this kind of position?

All I can say is desperation is sad thing. People should have some sort of self respect. What do I mean? Well take a look at this craigslist ad i came across and you’ll understand what financial desperation looks like.

Title: Attorney Available for Hire: Temp, Perm, Legal, Non-legal

I am a New York City-located attorney admitted to the bar in New York State and available now for hire. I was a scholarship recipient who graduated in the top third of my class from a top New York area law school and I am seeking employment to begin right away.

Although I am seeking a full time position at a law firm, I will consider jobs which are temporary in nature, contract positions, or even per diem in the meantime while I continue my search. Positions which are non-legal in nature but which are temporary or well-compensated will also be considered.

I already have experience in court, having worked per diem for a firm already, and over a year of experience working at a non-attorney real estate company. I have appeared on behalf of clients at dozens of motions and foreclosure settlement conferences, as well as drafted multiple orders to show cause, summonses, and answers.

I am an extremely strong written and oral advocate, having received A’s in all of my advocacy courses. I received numerous awards in policy debate while in undergrad, where I earned a B.S. in Finance. I have experiences interning at the District Attorney’s office, in New York City government, and as a judicial intern for a Federal Judge.

Once again, I am already admitted to the New York bar and I am ready to begin employment immediately. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to speaking with you.

Is this what we are reduced to? Selling ourselves on craigslist desperate for a dime? And after everything, after law school and all the headaches associated with such a institution of “higher learning,” this is what is left for some of us? Its experiences like this that make me sure that quitting is the only option. What else is left.

[Applause] Ladies and Gentlemen, this, I’m afraid, is the face of desperation.


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