Living in Limbo

Let me just start by saying that law school fucked up my life. It put me in serious debt. My grades aren’t good enough for me to get a good job afterwards. And that was one year wasted in terms of getting job experience. I’ve been scouring the internet for other people in my situation wondering what they did and how they felt about their situation. The more I read, the more I realize that this is probably the best solution. Most of the comments came from third tier school students wishing they never went. I’m presently in a second tier school but at the very bottom, so I guess that makes me in the same boat as those third tier students. Looking at their comments, I felt really sorry for them. Some had graduated and were forced to take non-legal low paying jobs others were almost finished and were ready to quit because the reality of their job prospects began to sink in. Those were smart people who probably would have succeeded if they found positions that suited their strengths. Law school sure is a gamble.

The job hunt isn’t going well. It is going pretty poorly, actually. I’m on my second week of sending out applications, I’ve sent out about 100 applications/resumes and cover letters. The result? One interview and one prospective interview. One ended up going really badly, since I didn’t get the company information until the last moment and thus did not know anything about the company. It was a PR internship. I was willing to work for free in exchange for experience. I walked in and I knew I didn’t fit in. I got the company information too late and didn’t get to research effectively because I would have been late other wise. I was dressed in a suit, and it was a laid back atmosphere. I was sweaty from rushing and being in that dumb suit because I was afraid of being late anyway. I WAS late anyway. It was just a catastrophe. I pretty much knew that it wasn’t gonna happen for me. But what can you do, it was an internship job anyway. Better to be getting paid then working for free, right? And the other one didn’t even have the opportunity to go badly since the person on the other end didn’t check her messages and thus the opportunity to be interviewed was lost. Great receptionist, huh?

So what now? Sometimes I wonder if I should just start my own business. I hate working for other people in general. And I actually do better when I know something is mine. I wonder, how do people do it? How do they just start a business and build on it? One of my favorite YouTube stars is Michelle Phan, the makeup guru that went video viral. She started in 2009 and quickly became viral for her makeup tutorial videos on YouTube. She now is a Lancome spokesperson and works backstage for several designers during fashion week. How did she get to be so lucky? I”m sure it takes a lot of uncertainty, power, and drive to get where she is now. Who really knows anymore? But in all honesty, it’s people like that that make me inspired. Taking nothing but your own macbook, and making it into your career. Amazing!

As of right now, I’m still on the job hunt. Hopefully something comes around….

Michelle Phan- YouTube Makeup Guru


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Law student dropout: Enough said
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One Response to Living in Limbo

  1. Nando says:

    Former Biglaw associate and current psychotherapist Will Meyerhofer has the nuts to tell these kids that they should drop out if they do not truly want to practice law. This also applies to those who are at non-elite law schools who do not excel academically, and set themselves apart from the TTT crowd. Meyerhofer acknowledges that average students at top schools should likewise quit.

    “If you’re plugging away dutifully through the legal education process with no real idea why – it might be time to quit.

    Does this mean I’m seriously advising young law students all over the country to give up and drop out – simply abandon their legal education mid-way through?


    I am prescribing a mass exodus from law schools. A semi-mass exodus might do the trick.

    Tune in. Turn on. Drop out.

    If you don’t know why you’re there – and you’re not sure what you’re getting yourself into – if you’re not at a top school, or even if you are, and your grades are a little iffy, and likely to stay that way – then please, get out. Today. Before you spend another cent.

    The legal education scam works because it follows two key rules of all successful Ponzi schemes:

    First, it plays to your greed. You dig your own hole because you’re in it for the money.

    Second, it keeps you distracted. You never realize you’re getting fleeced.”

    If you have little to no shot of practicing law, then drop out immediately. I had a full-tuition scholarship to attend Third Tier Drake – and I wish to hell I had dropped out of that commode.

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