Ending the Cycle

The job hunt has been particularly hard but I find it to be a self-growing experience. First of all, it is going terribly. Not to go into specifics, but there have been some awkward moments. The job hunt is getting really desperate. I’m pretty much going for the lower end of the job market. Sales, waitressing, customer service. I’ve done mindless jobs before and I think I’m about to get involved all over again with these types of jobs.

I had a really bad interview last week that went as bad as an interview can go. See, I got this crazy idea that if I fudged the information in my resume, like, you know, going to law school, some of the dates on my employment history, I would have a better chance at getting an interview. After all, who really checks those things anyway? Wrong! I was interviewed by these two partners from a law firms. I’m talking big law firms. They had dreams of starting their own. In the words of one of the interviewers, “I want the name of X and X to be on top with the law firms we worked at.” Yippee. One of them was actually pretty chill and I think he was just tired to being slave driven at his big law firm and would rather set his own schedule. The other was an absolute elitist and kind of an asshole. Well, they caught me in the whole law school lie. I should have known better. My f’ing twitter. I never liked using it anyway. They also caught me fudging my employment dates. Yes, this was embarrassing. Because not only was I a complete liar, I was also underqualified. They wanted someone to basically run the business for them while they did their lawyer thing and raked in the money. hmmm. Sounds tempting but I did not just leave a law school environment, full of type A personalities, for a law firm consisting of complete type A asshole. Also they wanted to check my employment history and I wasn’t going to get the job anyway.

Okay, lesson learned. Be honest with your resume. Yes, everyone fudges but be as honest as you can. Right now I’m applying for everything and all. I need to pay back my loans ASAP.

On the plus side, I got to party hard with my law school people. It was a lot of fun. Went out to the bar we couldn’t even get into. Ended up at this place called FatBaby. Haha. You know that ur only going to have X amount of fun at a place called FatBaby. It was somewhat fun. I ended up getting left behind though while I was drunk and getting hit on by this guy. Don’t worry. I wasn’t that drunk. I ended up going home by MYSELF and took a cab.

And thus begins my life. Guys and Bars and looking for jobs. 😛


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