Got a job! Working as a buyer for a trading company. Great earning potential! Never thought the day would come. It’s been a long road, applying to over 1000 jobs. Literally. 1000 jobs. I was lucky enough to get several interviews ranging from salesperson to personal assistant. None of them came through until this one. I was starting to get antsy I consider myself lucky, escaping from the money trap that is law school. I’m going to make roughly 30K with incentives for whatever big accounts I am able to open.

That’s why I haven’t been able to write any entries here. Getting this job was like a sign from heaven. It happened too quick and before I knew what was happening i was already employed and getting trained. I have a 1million dollar purchasing target! Isn’t that crazy. I see myself learning a lot from this place. And even if this isn’t the job I end up retiring from, It’s still a place I can learn from! At this point in my life I consider myself extremely satisfied. I look at all the people in my life, from my friends to my boyfriend to my parents, and at the end of they all support me and all the choices I make. It’s been hard you know, trying to find a job and making such a huge decision to leave law school and find another path.

Unfortunately I still haven’t told my parents. Although I know that they’ll be supportive. (eventually!) It might have been smarter though to let my parents know before they told everyone and their mother that I only had two more years before I graduated. I did feel a little guilty because I’m basically LYING to everyone. Who wouldn’t. I’m beginning to feel as though this could be the beginning of a very deep hole that I’m digging from myself. I need more time though, today was my sister’s graduation from med school party and I kinda didn’t want to ruin it. It was her day, after all. Still, it was still painful for me to smile and tell everyone that I was going to finish what I started with law school, knowing full well that that wasn’t going to finish. And I did feel bad, watching my sister gain all the limelight, although she fully deserved it. Dropping out of law school, in the eyes of many, is not much of an accomplishment. I will never have that law school party that everyone is already excited about for me. I will never have everyone celebrate my accomplishments, except at maybe my wedding. I guess I exchanged more than just my education. I told one of my co-workers about my choice not to continue law school. She gave me really good advice, she said, never look back at your choices only forward. I think that’s the smartest thing I ever heard.

Partied hard here for my sis!


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Law student dropout: Enough said
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