Dante’s Inferno

Welcome to Dante’s Inferno!

Specifically the 4th Circle.  Greed.  I start this blog today with the goal of revealing the Law School scam.   Or, rather, the Higher Education System scam.  But that’s for later.   Today, I am celebrating my own intellectual freedom.  Free from the drowning pressures of success and the crushing fears of failure.  I’ve taken a step back to redefine myself.   I hope you join me in this moment of self re-evaluation and realize that your success is what you make of it.   Not what is hanging on your wall as a diploma.

Much Love,



2 Responses to Dante’s Inferno

  1. Bubba0044 says:

    how u get to pick-a-font?

    • Alex says:

      I used typekit.com you have to create an account but they work with wordpress to allow fonts. Just go to appearances on your dashboard!

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